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5 Day Family Camping Menu Made Easy

Planning your camping menu is, by far, one of the most important tasks when planning your family's camping trip.

Preparing as much as possible in advance is the key to making meals run smooth. This does not mean you have to plan every snack, but by developing an overall menu plan, you will be able to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your trip.

By planning a couple of one pot meals that can be placed on the table in a hurry, such as chili, soups, stews or macaroni and cheese, you will have solutions available if you are running late or someone is looking for an alternate option to the menu you have planned.

You will find our family's 5-Day camping menu plan that works well for us. You may want to tailor it to meet your family's needs.

5-Day Camping Menu Plan

Night 1: Hot Dogs, Potato Salad & Chips. The first night you will be busy setting up camp and unpacking gear, so you will want to make dinner as easy as possible so you have time to kick back and relax.

DAY 1 - Breakfast: Cereal, Toast and Fruit. Lunch: Sandwiches and leftover Potato Salad. Dinner: Grilled Marinated BBQ Chicken, Seasoned Potato Chunks in Tin Foil and Corn. Dessert: S'Mores

DAY 2 - Breakfast: Cereal and Fruit, Gogurts (for kids). Lunch: Sandwiches and Pasta Salad. Dinner: Cheeseburgers & Macaroni Salad. Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies

DAY 3 - Breakfast: Pancakes, Bacon and Fruit. Lunch: Grilled Ham & Cheese and leftover salad. Dinner: Marinated Steak Tips, Baked Potatoes & Caesar Salad. Dessert: S'mores

DAY 4 - Breakfast: Eggs, Toast, Bacon, Fruit. Lunch: Wraps and Chips. Dinner: Sausage or Hot Dogs, BBQ Baked Beans & leftover salad. Dessert: Cookies

DAY 5 - Breakfast: French Toast, Sausage and Eggs. Lunch: Burgers and Chips. Dinner: Foil-wrapped Surprise (Whatever's left)

We may change up the menu slightly, but being prepared gives us the freedom to be creative.

If you are camping with a group of people, we will have a couple nights where everyone brings a dish to pass. This gives us a variety of items to choose from. If you are camping near a town or village, we will plan a day where we go into the local town and get pizza and ice cream.

Family camping meals should be fun! The goal is to enjoy time with your family, the outdoors and create valuable memories that will last a lifetime!

Looking for more easy Camping Menu Ideas? Visit for more ideas to make your family camp cooking fun and easy!

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Camping Survival: Lightning Storm Safety

Okay, so you have planned your camping vacation for weeks and you are all packed and ready to go. Excited and eager, the kids are setting up camp in the backyard for practice. You check the weather, expecting it to be in the mid-nineties, but instead the weather-man has bad news, predicting thunderstorms and rain for the next three days.

Not wanting to put your family in a dangerous situation should you...

A) Cancel the camping trip and start making plans for a sunnier weekend?

B) Go anyhow and ignore the storm warning? They taught you to swim by throwing you in the lake as an infant.

C) Prepare yourself by knowing the risks and what to do to stay safe?

This is a familiar scenario to most campers at some time. Obviously ignoring the situation will not keep you safe. Many campers actually love to camp out in a storm. If you are one of them, then it is important to know the risks and know how to stay safe. If not, it might be best to reschedule to a weekend when the sun is shining.

Staying safe during a lightning storm

Lightning safety is good to know whether you are a seasoned full-time rver, a newbie out in a tent or won't even come close to camping. You should know how to stay safe in a lighting storm no matter where you are. There are many things in life that you do not want to attract to you. A bolt of lighting from the heavens often qualifies.


When thunder roars, Go indoors!

The first thing that you want to do at the first hint of distant thunder is find suitable shelter. Do not wait too long to find shelter and stay sheltered for at least thirty minutes after the last strike of lightning Suitable shelter is considered a building or a vehicle that has a protective structure, the larger the better. A protective structure is one that is fully enclosed with a roof, walls, a floor and wiring or plumbing. Baseball dugouts, sheds, greenhouses and golf shelters are not suitable.

Your vehicle is a great choice when out in the wilderness. A safe vehicle is fully enclosed and metal-topped. Avoid touching anything metal. Do not use any electronic devices such as the radio. Convertibles, boats without cabins and riding movers are not suitable.

Your tent is not suitable shelter, however if this is your only shelter try to locate low ground, avoiding any tall trees. Ideally surround yourself with bushes and trees that are the same height or smaller than you if using your tent is unavoidable. A tent offers no protection from lightning.

Safety outdoors

You are not nearly as safe outside as you are in shelter. If you are stranded outside and suitable shelter is not within distance there are somethings you can do to lessen the odds of being struck by Thor's Bolt. Your best choice is to find suitable shelter, however at times this option is not available.

If outside avoid anything that can conduct electricity. This includes water towers, radio antennas and all other elevated objects that act as lightning rods. Standing alone in a large open field is a definite safety concern because this will cause you to become a lightning rod.

Avoid open fields and the top of a hills Seek low ground. Set up camp in a valley, ravine or any other low area.

Out of the blue

Don't let a blue sky and sunshine fool you. Very rarely a lightning bolt strikes out of the clear blue sky, giving "out of the blue" a deeper understanding. It may have traveled several miles to do so. Storms can be miles away and lightning can strike as far as ten miles.

Stay away from water

If your boat has no cabin, get ashore as soon as there is a chance of a storm. Stay out of the water and away from water. Stay away from wet items such as rope.

Closing Notes & Helpful Tips

When a storm is in the area, thunder trails behind the lightning by an estimated five seconds each mile. This is because sound travels about one mile in five seconds. Count the seconds from when you see the flash of lighting. Divide this by five to get an estimate of the distance of the storm.

It is best to stay indoors one half hour after the storm appears to be over.

Although it is great to know how to predict the upcoming weather, it helps tremendously when you have a professional on the job. Having a weather radio is a good idea to keep you up to date on local weather activity as soon as it is announced.

Getting struck by lightning is extremely rare. If it does occur get medical attention immediately.

Angel StJohn

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Travel RVing - Tailgating Your Favorite Sports Event

Travel RVing to your favorite sporting event has become an American tradition. Most people think of football when they think of tailgating, but there are tailgating parties at every plausible sporting event. Although football season is a great time to fire up the RV and head for the game-- it is certainly not your only option.

NASCAR races, baseball games, concerts, rodeo competitions--just to name a few-- are perfect opportunities for putting your RV on the road and setting it up for some tailgating fun.

College football tailgating has to be one of the most beloved experiences in America. Nowhere else will you find so many electrified fans sporting their school's colors flocking around a stadium for hours--even days-- before a game. Many RVing tailgaters don't even attend the game itself. The game is the motive for getting together for some serious tailgating outside the stadium.

Travel RVing to a professional football game is another thing altogether. Veteran tailgaters know that the professional game is distinctly different from the college variety. No reason to think that one is better than the other, but college tailgating exhibits a more lively, celebratory theme for tailgaters. Still, the professional football game is the most popular in America. There is some serious tailgating going on before a pro game.

And then came NASCAR. Second in popularity only to pro football (and gaining fast), the NASCAR spectacle is tough to beat. Travel RVing to a NASCAR event is beyond the realm of exciting. It takes you into a whole different dimension. Whether it's the thunderous roar of the engines as they enter into the first lap, or the banging and clanging of metal on metal impact as they fight to move up a position at nearly 200 mph-- something about it captivates you. For those who have never been to a NASCAR race, watching fast cars go round and round in circles might seem a little monotonous. But once you have been to a live racing event, chances are you are hooked for life. For RVers, the attraction to a NASCAR event is greater than the race itself. NASCAR fans and NASCAR stars RV the race circuit.

Most arrive mid-week or even earlier before a race week-end. And the party begins. Barbeque, burgers and beer. All night poker games. Tall tales told around the campfire that would put a fisherman to shame. There's all kinds of music and dancing. I mean, these folks know how to have fun. And why not? They don't have to go to a motel or out to get something to eat. Everything they need is right there-- a place to eat and sleep and shower and start over again.

Just as Travel RVing has exploded as a favorite vacationing option for Americans, tailgating at their favorite events has become an intricate part of their RVing lifestyle. So, load 'em up, move 'em out. Have fun and be safe.

Sandy St. Germaine has a website devoted to the RV lifestyle. Please contact me at Travel RVing

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Selecting the Best Camping Tent Poles

Every camping trip with the whole family requires planning. One of the very important things to consider is your family tent since it will serve as a home away from home. Whether you are an experienced camper or you occasionally go out with your family, camping tents are vital to ensure an unforgettable holiday experience. However, make sure to bring a tent that can accommodate the entire family.

When you are about to buy a camping tent, find a model that has good poles. You can choose between fiberglass or aluminum tent poles. Let's discuss the basic differences of the two kinds:

1. Fiberglass have higher tendency to break and much harder to repair immediately compared to aluminum which can easily blend with the wind blows.

2. For strong wind, aluminum are better than the fiberglass. Aluminum poles with larger diameters are essentially good to withstand higher wind condition.

3. The moment the fiberglass poles break, they become useless but when the aluminum poles break the same could still splint to serve its purpose.

4. For longer camping vacation, aluminum-made poles are lighter to carry hence, the perfect choice. Although fiberglass-made poles are generally heavier, the same are still recommended for nearby and shorter trips.

These days, tent manufacturers have greatly evolved skillfully creating tents, not just for vacation purposes but also for the use of wildlife hunters, nature explorers and the boy scouts all over the world. With the increasing numbers of refugees anywhere on account of domestic violence and natural disasters, you can find refugees being temporarily kept on large-sized tents with aluminum poles. Military men deployed in remote areas are using dome tents. The continuing conduct of medical missions to third world and developing countries, medical practitioners and staff are always carrying their camping tents. Mountaineers who like to go hiking to higher ground also use these.

For added comfort, you can check on outdoor tents where you can sleep, cook and dine at the same time. The tent that you chose must be capable enough in protecting you not just from the heat of the day and the coldness of the night but also against heavy rain falls.

Before making a purchase, apart from online surfing, it is suggested that you secure some magazines. In there, you can closely peruse different models and compare their prices. To be able to save your money, look for stores offering tents at a discounted price.

To view our fine selection of camping tents and other quality camping gear and recreational equipment go to

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Even Camping, You Will Hear What's For Dinner

How many times do you hear this statement? Even when on a camping trip you still hear this said, trust me! While camping is a truly fun and relaxing adventure for all involved one seems to forget that some chores never end. For example, cooking and cleaning, the chore most of us would love to eliminate. Unfortunately this is a dream that won't come true. No matter what type of camping trip you take you still have to eat. Unless you plan to eat out every meal, then you still have to plan for your meals. That is where planning ahead will make your camping trip a very rewarding and relaxing event. The less work for you to do while camping, the better off you are.

Every family is different, some like simple meals while others want full coarse ones. Whichever your family is always try and cut down on your work. Think paper plates and plastic utensils, most meals will taste just as good on a paper plate as opposed to a plate that has to be washed. Less work right, my point exactly.

Now as we talk about the different types of families I will tell you mine is the one who wants a full coarse meal. If you ask my husband what he wants for dinner even while on a camping trip, rest assured he's going to say Steaks, Shrimp, Ribs or even yummy Wings. Over the years of camping I have come up with recipes that complement the taste for all these foods while requiring little work prior to cooking them while on your camping trip. That means I'm still relaxing and enjoying our camping adventure but feeding my family with a full coarse meal. After the meals clean up mainly consist of a trash bag.

Let's start from the beginning on how I achieve these kinds of meals with as little work as possible while camping. With paper and pencil in hand I sit down and plan every meal. When I accomplish that chore I move on to what preparations I will need to achieve prior to going camping. After doing the grocery shopping, preparations begin. Most of your side dishes can be prepared before you leave home. A few examples of side dishes are potato salad and baked beans to go with your ribs or wings, or baked potatoes and salad to go with your steaks. Presto!

Below are a few of my recipes to get you started on your preparations for a fun filled camping trip in which you can eat great with very little time spent preparing the meal at the camp site.

Yummy Chicken Wings

2 ½ lbs. of wings

1 cup Dale's steak seasonings

1 pkg. McCormick buffalo wings seasoning mix (assorted flavors to choose from)

Wash and dry wings. Place in Ziploc bags.1 Hour prior to cooking pour Dale's seasoning over wings turning to coat well every 15 mins. Drain and discard after marinating. Sprinkle entire package of seasoning mix on to wings and toss well to coat evenly.

Cook on preheated grill turning as needed until done.

Remember to have wings ready and in Ziploc bags prior to leaving for camping trip.

Homemade Hamburger Patties

2 lbs. of lean ground beef

1 small onion (chopped)

2 eggs beaten well

4 table. Spoons Dale's Steak Seasoning

½ - ¾ cup of seasoned bread crumbs

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix together beaten eggs, onion, and Dale's seasoning in large bowl. Add ground beef and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Stir in bread crumbs and mix well. Pat out into size of patties you desire. Cook or freeze for latter. If freezing, be sure and separate patties with waxed paper to keep them from sticking together.

For camping all you need to do is take desired amount of frozen patties with you. Thaw them out and cook on the grill. What a great hamburger with little work at the campsite.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Thin sliced chicken (dark or white meat)

1 pack of bacon

Fresh Mushrooms chopped into small pieces

Shredded Cheese (your choice of flavors)

Tooth picks

Lay your thin slices of chicken out flat. Fill center with chopped mushrooms and cheese. Roll up and insert a toothpick through it to keep it together. Take strips of bacon and wrap around you're rolled up strips of chicken. Again use your toothpicks to hold everything into place. Grill until done.

For your camping trip you have all the chicken prepared and ready to go on the grill.

Baby Back Ribs

Desired amount of baby back ribs

Dale's Steak Seasoning


Salt and Pepper to taste

B.B.Q. Sauce

Place the ribs in a large pot and cover with water. Add small amount of the Dale's seasoning. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of minced garlic, salt and pepper. Bring pot to a boil, turn heat down and simmer ribs for approximately 1 ½ hours until tender but not falling off the bone. Cool then cook or freeze for later. When cooking put on grill for a short time to give grilled flavor while adding your favorite bbq. Sauce to both sides. Fall off the bone good ribs.

For your camping trip you take out of freezer, thaw, cook and eat. How easy is that?

All of the above recipes can be cooked on an outdoor camping grill or an open campfire using a good cooking-grate.

This article was written by my wife, Cindy

Since my wife and I started camping we have discovered that camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and to experience what mother nature has to offer. One of the joys of camping is cooking on an outdoor grill, this just seems to make food smell and taste better. Besides, what better way to meet new and exciting people than by camping.

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